Build tech

without coding

NoCode UCLA helps students learn how to build tech products without needing a technical background.


Our Mission

We want to help students get their tech ideas off of the ground. Too many times, people have good ideas for products, but they don’t know how to build them if they don’t have a technical background. NoCode UCLA will change that. We provide tech-building resources that don’t require coding knowledge to use. Our team of student experts will guide you through the learning curve so you can start building everything at your own pace.


Our long-term goal is to give UCLA students the ability to build whatever cool products they can think of. Right now, one of the biggest barriers to entry for our tech community is the lack of the corresponding background. However, if we can teach people to learn how to utilize no-code tools to their highest potential, then we can make tech accessible to everyone!


What We Do



Through workshops, tutorials, and a large library of previous industry-level products to help everyone learn how they can use no-code for their school project, club, startup idea, or even a functioning business. We often offer the option to transition to the building track to work on real products and help other UCLA students



If you already have an idea for a project and want to bring it to life, then we have product specialists who will help you figure out what your minimum viable product should be, form a competitive advantage, and our no-code experts will make it a reality! Most of all, all this is free for all UCLA students, so you don’t have to look for developers and can take back control of your great idea. 

How to join

Right now, we’re trying to expand our team! We are still a very early-stage club, so we welcome members from any background. All you have to have is an interest in no-code solutions and a willingness to put in the work with us to help spread the word and help as many people as we can.


What Can We Help You With?

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